Wednesday, November 7, 2012

13 months (catch up)

Here are just a bunch of pictures from the last month or so to catch everyone up on pictures.


For Halloween Penny was a ladybug and Chris and I had our faces painted with butterflies (I did mine and Chris surprised me by coming home with his done) I crocheted Penny's hat and she was adorable in it and did pretty well at keeping it on. We went trick or treating down Chris's grandparents street, Penny was pretty shy while we were trick or treating but opened up and had fun at the party :)

 It was so low because she had just pulled on it lol 

 Checking out daddy's face paint

 All three of us

 Visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa before treat or treating
At a friends Halloween party

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Penny's Birthday Party

The party went so well! We had it at grandma and grandpa Slight's house. I made the decorations, cupcakes and Penny's cake. So many loved ones came Josh, Cherry, Douglas, Zoe and Hank all were able to come. Several of Chris's cousins came Jori, Meisha and the Wamsleys. Of course Chris and I and grandma and grandpa too. And my friend Heidi came and took wonderful pictures! I just got the pictures of Penny's birthday party and had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to post so here are a ton :) Enjoy!

 The banner had the pictures from the previous post of her nb to 11 months

 Penny's cake

 I can't believe I'm ONE!

 Loving on Uncle Josh

 With cousin Hank
 Checking out the present Jori brought for her
 Hi Great Grandpa
 Playing with Cousins Hank and Zoe
 Sharing food with Daddy

 Showing Great Grandma my one

 Laughing with mommy!
 I'm one years old!
 She loves her baby Josh and Cherry and the kids got her

 The toys Jori got! She loves them, they both make noise and play music
 Helping unwrap presents
 Jammies from Grandma Burton
 My CAKE!!! lol

 First taste of the cake

 Hmm this is good stuff
 It's really good you guys!

 Hmm cake!!

 Getting kisses from Uncle Josh
 Family picture
 Feeding daddy